This sim has not proper simulation of visibility

It was perfectly clear under the cloud cover (down to 220 feet), until it was adjusted by the aerosol setting.

Apples with oranges. Why can’t I complain about something asked long ago?, even previously to the patch 2?

Having perfect visibility constantly is a big concern to me, independently to the systems, which will eventualy get fixed, but not sure about this. Don’t want to fly forever in perfect visibility.


This is probably one of my biggest issues. For those who like to practice IFR / instrument approaches, there needs to be a way to set a specific visibility (down to or below minimums). The other bugs will get sorted out. This one may require some redesign.

Unfortunately 3rd party weather companies are limited in what they can do. Rex made this comment about their upcoming weather add-on when asked about visibility: “Surprisingly there is no function to control visibility directly. Not sure why that is.”

Since we added voting to the forums, would suggest you go to the link below and hit the VOTE button at the top left of the original post. Also a report to ZenDesk is not a bad idea.


I did not say you shouldn’t complain about it, I was making irony at the current state of the simulation. Feel free to complain about anything you want

yeah, this is a really huge lacking thing in the sim, and the most concerning thing is the devs team thinking there is nothing to do about it :expressionless:

Didnt know even REX had said that, then it is even more worrying :frowning:

I already voted in that thread but yeah, this should be voted to death!

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Of course I did. Where does it say that you’ve raised this through zendesk or the wish list? Shoutign for something through these forums is not the best way to raise these issues. As the moderators will tell you, every time, raise a zendesk ticket and/or use the wishlist voting session.

A quick search of the wishlist reveals the following:

Weather Settings need visibility slider with absolute visibilty (ex. 1 square mile) - 9 votes

Weather Settings- Add Visibility/ Runway Visual Range (RVR) Like X-Plane - 5 votes

Ability to change meteorological visibility - 40 votes

Custom weather setup for the classified categories of precision approaches (CAT X) - 1 vote

Your efforts would be better spent gathering support for one or more of these threads, or even better asking the moderators to combine them so that the votes are not split.

But hey, if you want to waste your time ranting on here and mouthing off at people trying to help you, that’s your loss. Just don’t expect the devs to read it or take any notice if they do as you can’t be bothered to do a simple 2 minute search


100% agree and my biggest gripe with this sim. As a frequent flyer to and from OMDB (irl), the visibilty due to desert dust and humidity is very low. The conditions are mostly hazy and dusty. I was so disappointed when I flew out of omdb in sim. This insane infinite visibility just kills the immersion.

They will have to give us another slider by the name of atmospheric haze or something like that so we can practice ifr approaches.

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You guys are all just ignoring how it works in real life. The sim simulates how things work in real life, don’t you know. They have given you real life controls and want to avoid having things be a video game!

Q: Any plans to implement a visibility slider to lower the visibility for proper foggy IFR flying?
A: This is not how visibility works in real life. We are simulating weather how it works in real life: One slider allows to tweak the general transparency of the air (aerosol density). This exists in real life and allows to reduce visibility down to a few miles. When visibility gets below a few miles in real life it occurs because you are inside some condensed water: Mist or fog are condensed water at ground level. Clouds are condensed water in the sky. So mist or clouds is achieved by moving a cloud layer down to the ground and by tweaking it’s density. Just like in real life. Having a global slider for global water condensation that would affect air everywhere around the user, wouldn’t be realistic at all and feel like a video game approach vs a true simulation. Here is a picture of fog seen from an airplane. It is just a layer of clouds at ground level:image


I’m not mounting off at anyone here dude!, you seemed to mean that I haven’t asked for this before, which I did as stated in the first post, so calm down, that’s all I told you. I haven’t created any new posts about this because I asked in the alpha/beta period for about 4 times+zendesk. I already voted in the threads about this after release too, but though it wouldn’t hurt to make a post in the general forum so more people are aware about this.

NO!, even if in real life, fogs are created by a “huge cloud”, this is not possible to recreate in FS at the moment, that’s the problem.

I dare you to recreate the conditions saw in the pictures I posted in the first post in FS. You won’t be able.

What’s more, I dare you to get them with live weather, even though this is extremely common in real life.

If devs think there is nothing to do about this, why haven’t we seen such common visibility conditions since alpha days to date?.

This is supposed to be a flight simulator and with that we need the ability to change meteorological visibility / RVR accurately. How do you suggest to simulate a proper CAT I / II / III approach with only a aerosol density slider? Its exactly opposite, without these options you can’t call this a proper flight simulator. In the current state its a game or at the very best a VFR flight simulator.


I figured my don’t you know would give away my sarcasm. Apparently I need to work on being more obvious via text!

I simply posted the devs response when asked about it. But nobody got the humor in my commented addition.


tbh, hard to tell if you were being sarcastic man, definitely not my fault after re reading your post, sorry mate!

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I figured anyone equating a weather mechanic with “how it is in real life” was immediately taken as full of satire given the current state of things

If thats the devs their response they have no clue what they are talking about :sweat_smile:.

Your shots still look absolutely stunning though. Far better than other sims for sure.

My guess is that they might not get around to solving this for a year or two.

So what’s a sim pilot to do? Complain every time they open the sim about the *#%$’ing haze, or jump in and enjoy the world in 3D.

Return to 2d sprites land with the other sims is also an option.

I think they are right, just didn’t gave us the real controls to deal with this. They even use the word DENSITY, yet we can’t adjust such paramenter for each cloud layer sooooo, how the hell are we going to recreate fogs then?. They are contradicting themselves.

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Can’t be so hard to give us a visibility / RVR slider, come on… :sweat_smile: They can sort out the corresponding relative humidty / density in the background if they want to.

Depends on what you are looking for in a flight simulator. If you are interested in the great graphics for VFR flying then sure. But as a professional tool for enhancing skills and simulating IFR approaches its not quite suitable (yet).