This SIM is unflyable lately for me

Like the title says the SIM has been unusable for me lately. I’ve got a solid internet connection of between 200 to 300 down with a ping between 30 and 40.

I’ve got a decent system - 13900 and 4090. I can’t play in VR or my monitor as the sim gets so jerky that it is literally unflyable.

I’ve tried the latest G force driver and also rolled back to 531.29. Which I have always had luck with.

Nothing helps.

Is anyone else experiencing this lately?

Try disabling or clearing rolling cache.

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And most important if you’ve changed your drivers… The Windows Shader Cache!!

How to delete DirectX Shader Cache in Windows 11/10


I can only second clearing the rolling cache. The last I knew I got very poor performance with it on. It works fine on off. No issues. 10700k + 3080 + VR

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You guys are all awesome. The problem is seemingly cured as I tried it out during the discovery flight over Rome in VR.

I’m installing the latest g force driver now to see if I have better luck with it now that I know what some of the ailments were.

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Delete rollig cahce
Also delete these folders:


How to

1 Start your PC in safe mode

  • Click start
  • Click power icon
  • Press and hold left SHIFT key and click restart
  • Select Troubleshoot > advanced options > startup settings > restart
  • Select 4 - Enable safe mode

2 Click start and type


Press Enter
Delete all folders

3 Click start and type


Press enter
Delete all files

4 Type


Press enter
Delete all folders

5 type


Press enter
Delete all folders

6 type


Delete all files

Restart PC.