This sim was Made for Television, Wow! I Want that Setup

So yesterday I was getting my setup finalized for livestreams and video editing. I was doing a livestream just to see my changes in real time- and watching it on my TV. This isn’t the first time I saw the sim on a TV, but was the first time I was really just blown away by how good it looks. Delicious. Maginficient. Amazing.

I have a lousy monitor that was always a challenge to calibrate properly. But Now I’m hooked on the visuals from the TV. So…

What things should I look for, and what things should I avoid as I shop around for a TV instead of a monitor?

I swear this sim is made for Televsion- and Xbox users are going to be blown away.

I play this sim on the 55" Sony Bravia X90F on 4K HDR. It’s amazing.

If money is no object, I would go for the Sony BRAVIA XR Master Series Z9J | Supreme 8K & Hands-Free Control | Sony US but this is expensive and you need RTX 3090 to run this.

A much more reasonable model would be the Sony BRAVIA XR X95J | Bring Real 4K HDR Quality | Sony US.

But if you really want the ultimate monitor, ROG SWIFT PG65UQ | Above 34 Inches | Gaming Monitors|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global ( is the Creme de la creme. It’s designed for gaming with all the bells and whistles of a TV.

I would avoid OLED, but not because of their picture quality. Their picture quality is actually the best in the industry, but OLED has a drawback of burn in, If you’re watching movies where there’s a lot of movement on an OLED TV, they’re perfect. But when you watch News channel on an OLED TV for long periods, the static news ticker will “burn-in” to the displays, permanently giving them a shadow when you watch it. So using it for gaming, with HUD on FPS and RPG games, or the cockpit in MSFS. They’re generally static when you play those games on the OLED, so they’re very prone to burn-in.

So I don’t think it’s worth getting OLED, Because, while regular LED TV may be “slightly” have worse picture quality, it’s flexibility to use it for Gaming, Movies, News channel, and the longevity and durability of the panel, is worth getting. And it’s cheaper than OLED too.

Anyone any experience with burn in on an oled? Ext view seems „risky“ to me if played for several hours with same plane

Found this article earlier that’s not too old. But it’s still recommending against PC usage on OLED.

It’s not just on monitor though, Nintendo Switch is apparently starting to show some burn-ins themselves.