This will make FS2020 much more enjoyable

If you’re not happy with a plane, use a different plane.
If you’re not happy with an airport, use a different airport.
If you’re not happy with a scenery bug, change course.

Report concerns to Zendesk.

In relation to the ambition and size of this undertaking, the flaws are very few and will be corrected in time by Asobo or third parties.

This does not count for DL issues, installation issues and crashes. They need to be corrected A.S.A.P…


Way too much moaning, I am having fun.

Been through a lot of Flight Simulators and its always hard work getting them setup, this FS brings a lot out of the box and has been a breeze for me to setup and use.

No software is launched in a finished state anymore, so I don’t know how the bugs come as a surprise to anyone. Give it 2 months and we will hopefully see a lot of improvements.


Nope, not way to much. Way to few moaning.
According to the numbers of “Hails” and “complains”, 80% are absolutely unsatisfied.

Well if your unsatisfied you come to the forums and complain, if your satisfied your enjoying the sim rather than the forums i guess ?


There will always be bugs and no game will appease to everybody in the same way, but the the key is in your last sentence. DL issues, installation issues and crashes for no reason are unacceptable in a triple A game distributed by one of the major software companies. They do need to be sorted ASAP. And until they are, I really hope that people complain a lot…

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How would you see improvement if nobody brought them forward … That’s precisely what’s needed. Lots of people are having issues , face it.

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Explain to us why constant 100% CPU usage on the main menu ?

Explain to us why a lot of people can not event launch the ■■■■ sim ?


Good points… Seek support at Zendesk.


Have you read his post at all?

The title is misleading, no one is complaining about the airplanes or the airports, the main complaints are all about the awful launcher.

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I would say no software is free of having patches and corrections, BUT a software from Microsoft, which has been in this personal computer business forever, not being able to install, this is too much to accept. This is not a free product, they are not doing us a favor, they are making tons of money with it, and people have the right to complain. I believe that the very low delivery capability based on everyone’s expectations and misleaded previews and reviews cause the motion we are seeing.


The installation fails, startup issues and system problems must be a priority of MS. Thats why people need to file there issue on Zendesk. There was something like 17000 people on the testing team and many of these problems just didn’t exist or were minimal. Seems that the commercial version is somehow different. Could be faulty licensing or some such thing. But it needs to be resolved forthwith.

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i like it ok the bigest Airport in my area stuttgart is missing, i hope this is fixed in some time. in the maintime i use the Adolf wuerth Airport in Schwaebisch Hall and Karlsruhe Baden Baden or Frankfurt. I like the grafic and when i startet the sim the first time it told me my system does not meet the requirements but its runing fine with medium grafic settings so i’m Thankfull that it runs so nice i enjoy every flight thank you Microsoft and Asobo.

It is a new product so give it a litle time i’m shure all issues will be fixed AND I’M HAPPY THAT I HAD NOT TO WAiT UNTIL CHRISTMAS
do what you want but i do celebrating Flying in FS 2020

P.S. i also had Problems at the first start i could take a plane and tried to start a freeflight the sim crashed after 5 tries i startet the chourchevell challenge and it worked
after that also in the freeflight i had about 15 h in The sim and one crash and lots of fun
And i think many users in this forum are more experienced in fixing game Problemes than i’am so use youre brain and follow you’re inspiraton perhabs you can fix it


Sorry Jost68, i don’t buy a word. You said “it told me my system does not meet the requirements but its runing fine with medium grafic”.

My system is reccomend on high settings by “the SIM itself”. Even on low settings i can’t reach constant 15 FPS in airliners. Sorry to say that, but what you are saying doesen’t match not only my reality. But your right in one point. EDDS still missing.

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90% of the complaints are from people who can’t download or are frequently crashing. Don’t get me wrong, that’s extremely frustrating, but things like that are a high priority for Asobo. Most of these problems are likely caused by server traffic. Every game launch I’ve ever played online has had their servers take a beating, especially ones that were more popular than originally expected. Remember the Pokemon Go servers?

Day one I had no issues. The only people who were playing were those who changed their timezone. After the official launch though, my game has been crashing, disconnecting, and taking forever to load. Give it time and be patient. Once a million people stop playing 20 hours a day and traffic starts to normalize things will get better, just like every other game before this one.

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I’ve been having the opposite experience. Yeah, it took a day to download but from the first launch of the sim until now it’s never failed to load, shutdown, etc. Yup, after a day of flying found some bugs but reported them.

Ironically the sim chose my system to be mid-range graphics but have been running it at the high end graphics with frame rates I’m happy with but further testing with wicked weather and tons of AI has yet to be seen.

This is the first sim I can recall where I can actually fly my favorite “low and slow” VFR amd really KNOW where I am without guessing or using charts. So two thumbs up to the devs! And to think all of this is right out of the box with no add-ons. Amazing. For sure since it was just released a flood of updates with fixes will be headed our way over the next coming months.

Now about that VR…

I7 5930K and a 1080ti