This would BE AMAZINGLY FUN in MSFS20!

I know Helos are a wished for, but for me, so is this!

Actually… I guess the Drone Cam is already close to this, but I’m sure this would give a far different feel than just a robotic type flight… like when he leans into the flight and leans back to slow down and whatnot. Just looks like it has a very fun feel to it. Be cool to have a 1st person view with the Arm Jets Visible while using TrackiR/VR!

Fun vid nonetheless!

What on earth does this have to do with MSFS20?

Not much, but it’s a creative idea nevertheless. Drone cam serves much of this purpose though, as stated

@Erazor444 How does this relate to MSFS20? …

Jet Packs are a thing in XP11. Quite fun too!
It would be way different than flying the Drone as it would certainly fly differently as these guys have to spread their arms out to turn/slowdown/hover/etc.

Anyway, just thought it would be a fun thought after seeing that video above.

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ok I see, good point then! Sorry for my frustration :wink:

It´s nice to dream about that, but given that the sim is currently actually in alpha status, we are more than a year away from thinking of such new things. At least if you think and plan like a sane person. Which Microsoft has not been. So, everything is possible :grin: