Those default aircraft sounds!

I just wanted to give a shoutout to the sound design team at Asobo.

We do not talk much about aircraft sounds on this the forum, and I think there is a simple reason for that: It works. It sounds awesome. It behaves the way it should and it contributes immensely to immersion. I like the slightly muffled sound that makes it feel like I have a headset on.

First time I took off in a constant speed prop aircraft in MSFS (the C208B), retarded the power lever and then the propeller lever I was blown away: Yes, this finally works! Propeller RPM controls sound pitch, it no longer pitches with torque!

Now, is it completely perfect beyond possible improvement – probably not, but so what. It comes as close to perfection as anything I have seen in this sim.

I am truly impressed!


Posted this having also looked back at some of my earlier posts – (a particular feature) “is utterly and fundamentally broken” might be an honest reflection of my opinion, but those are harsh words.

It is worth remembering that there are tons of things in this sim that work really well, and I think aircraft sounds is one of them. Aircraft visuals as well.

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It would be nice if those default sounds could be used on 3rd party planes !!!
Does anyone knows if that is possible?

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