Thoughts on the Current SU10 beta, Aug 3

I have a Intel 12700kf with a RTX3070TI video card 32 gigs ram NVMe hard drives. Took a while to get every thing to work well again . Some control setting got stuffed up . All settings on Ultra. 2560 x1080 Res 29 inch ultra wide monitor on 50% resolution setting etc. Tried DX12 and DLSS but got the floating trees and Trumps wall in places. Gone back to DX11 and all is good so far. Get around 30 fps in big cities and 60 + in country side. Sim is working well at the moment hope next update does not break it again.

What do you have the terrain LOD set at? I do get stutters with Fenix A320.

Thanks for heads up mate. I have a very similar system, am also a PPL holder, am also retired, though due to a health condition, I am out of the air, but I do manage to get into the real skies every now and then with a safety pilot.
You have allowed me to breath again, as v9 is behaving very well for me presently.
I was in a state of trepidation as the date for the v10 release was rapidly approaching. Fingers crossed, that the 23rd doesn’t put the sim in a state similar as it was with the v5 version.

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Both at 100. I do however get some half second pauses when landing. This would start to occur about 50 feet from touchdown.

Don’t know if this is a Fenix, MSFS, or scenery issue.

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I would agree with you. This beta version so far is an improvement. However, running a complex sim like this one can throttle even the best performing pc`s. I think that a parallel and less demanding version of this sim perhaps could be more satisfying for many of us.

But a sim is supposed to be complex. I’m not using the best hardware and i can run it. When the sim were released i could run it on my 7 year old pc. I think we as users should be less demanding of performance. If not Asobo never can move forward.

I would argue that they hit it out of the park with the first SU10 Beta release in terms of performance. I think most people (those that weren’t experiencing issues with it) would agree hands-down that this was the best performing build of the sim ever since launch. And they regressed that will with the followup. So good performance is actually possible with what’s there now. There’s just something that’s blocking it.

We’ll see what today’s new build brings in terms of numbers.

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I bet some will still complain :wink:

I’ve learned to tune it even if i got worse performance after some updates but worse performance means better quality. In su5 we got performance increase and instantly complained about the quality.

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Of course. The “if I can’t hit 60 fps it’s ■■■■” crowd will always complain.

For me, 45 is kind of the magic number. It provides a super smooth experience, especially with head tracking, and leaves some headroom for those fps black hole areas that drop you 10-15 fps and still keep me above 30, which for me, isn’t the “that’s all you need” level of performance, but the bare minimum to be able to enjoy the sim.


If new issues arise, or even a further regression, I would hope the Beta Testers give the proper feedback.

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Totally agree :wink: I’ve checked performance. No difference from last build for me. Neither worse or better. Checked at KLAX. Maybe a bit more smooth while panning the camera with same fps.

I checked in clear skies. Haze/fog got my fps a bit lower there when i checked in live-weather.

Maybe airport aircraft traffic has less impact on FPS in the new build. I could turn up traffic from 0 to 50 without loss in fps. Needs more testing though. If that is true those that had that at 50 in earlier build will notice an increase in fps on ground on big airports.

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Closing as there is a new Beta Update - feel free to make the same thread for Aug 4th though. Thank you!

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