Three rookie questions please?

When I get told by ATC to “Enter left downwind” this means I should approach the airport with the runway to my left - correct?

When using analogue toe-brakes and have the parking brake pulled on the C152, I get a constant squeaking noise of the pedals and they are moving all time - anyone else see the same?

Is there a setting to make airport lighting visible at greater distances?

Me personally I having a blast! Where else I ever afford to hop into a C152 an fly around at my leisure navigating between towns using roads and villages I know well? I am loving this!


Yes, for left traffic the runway is to the left side of the aircraft. For right traffic, such as right downwind, you’d maneuver your aircraft so you are flying down the side of the runway with the runway on your right side.

I’m going to defer the answers to your other questions to others.




On the toe-brakes, I get that on the citation with the throttle. It’s possibly a deadzone issue so the sim things you are moving the input. I’d try re-calibrating with your devices re-calibration tool and/or increasing the dead one on the sensitivity settings.


Pretty sure it’s not a calibration issue, when the parking brake is off the pedals work fine - when I release there is no squeaking And they are visibly released, when I press them there is and they are visibly depressed. Only when I pull the brake does it happen. I guess it is an issue with the parking versus toe fighting each other. Code wanting parking brake on but getting input from the axes saying they should be off.

Thanks though, if you see it but in another airframe I am confident it is not my setup :slight_smile:

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