Three times I walk away, the GAME goes away

Today I put my plane on autopilot three times and walked away for a moment. Each time I did this, within 30 minutes the game closes/crashes/whatever while I’m AFK. I’m glad I have this game because of XB Game Pass Ultimate, but I feel that I’m still overpaying for this experience.

Anyone else experiencing random crashes, etc…?

have had a few crashes recently - usually with complex scenery and aircraft…either loading up or at the start of flights
found that disabling multiplayer/having no or limited AI aircraft helped - also worth adjusting your graphic settings to see if it helps
you can also bring up the FPS counter (developers menu) - I found I was constantly getting the" limited by main thread" error before adjusting some of the settings - my PC has a 2080ti and 32gb of memory.

Im getting the limited by main thread error as well I persume this will be a patch only fix


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i think it can be helped by a patch (seems to be a known issue)
i was connecting my constant “limited by main thread” error messages with my crashes (guessing the two could be connected)
as mentioned when I disabled multiplayer and ai traffic seemed to have help and I was able to do a long flight over london (previously was crashing during loading or at start of the flight)

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