Throttle going to idle - new bug?

While flying the icon this afternoon, I had PG on but it looked bad, so I hit esc to look at the data menu, when I returned in flight I noticed I was dropping from the sky and the engine revs were low, stick is all the way forward. I cycle the stick and the revs pick back up to normal. I hit esc again to goto the menu screen, esc return to game and same thing? New Bug since the last patch?

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Your physical fuel mixture lever is probably set to full lean. Whether the Icon uses it or not, it will still have an effect and an ESC/resume cycle will synchronise your physical controls to your cockpit controls

It’d be interesting to see what happens if you use Set Pause ON and Set Pause OFF vs. using ESC. Technically the only things that still flow with Set Pause are the dynamic systems like weather, time and traffic. Everything else, your aircraft is totally frozen.

Dont know, while I dont fly the icon all that much it has never done this before…I’ll have to try with a different plane and see if it happens there. I thought there was a thread on it, but I couldnt find it.

Unplugged the joystick, plugged in the old standby, rebooted, restarted FS, chose the supralite this time loaded to runway, hit esc. when I came back throttle had moved to 50% power even the the stick was pulled all the way back, recycled power to idle again, hit esc, back to 1/2 throttle again…this is getting old real quick.

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But the engine doesnt stop running the throttle sets itself to 50% power…2 different planes 2 different aircraft…Just check config nothing bound to esc but pause…this is whack and I was going to buy that X56 tomorrow while I was in the big city. Guess I’ll hold off on that purchase one more time…

If you don’t have any of the assistance options activated then maybe check for other controls that might have been mapped to the throttles, without you knowing.

Check all controllers for assigned mappings, including any xbox/PS controllers you might have plugged in. You can use the ‘assigned’ category and perhaps search for “throttle” and/or “thrust”

I did, nothing is bound to esc…it’s doing it on 2 diff joysticks, wasnt doing it this morning either, and I havent changed a thing since then…

it wouldn’t necessarily be bound to esc. As i said, the positions of your physical controls are synchronised, usually for the first time, to your virtual cockpit controls, when you do an ESC and then resume. This would mean that you wouldn’t necessarily notice any “ghost” mappings unless you do use the Esc menu.

I don’t know if this a new bug, or even a bug at all. Make sure your throttle settings are right. Once my Mixture and Fuel levers got reversed, so on full throttle, I had minimum Mixture.

I’ve reported this one to Zendesk. I think it may still be happening in this recent update, sometimes I’ve had it actually set my throttle to full forward after exiting the ESC menu. For now, I’ve gotten into slightly adjusting my throttle (which will return it to your actual throttle position) when exiting the menu.

I have the exact same problem. Pressing escape and resuming reduces the throttle, prop and mixture levers to 50%. Doing a normal pause doesn’t. Checked for conflicts and all looks good in terms of assignments so that’s not the issue.


I have the same problem. My Throttle and Mixture goes back to zero. Searched all axis at all peripherals.


same problem. mixture prop and throttle going to 50% after going to the menu. untill you move them again. Never had this problem before. Definetely a bug since the latest update.


Same here. I noticed it this morning when flying the Justflight Arrow. I hit Esc and throttle, prop and mixture controls all synched and went to 50%

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I have this problem when hitting “ESC” and then coming back to the sim, I’m experiencing the throttle either increasing when on the ground at idle or getting moved while in the air, the speedbrake axis also seems to be affected. This wasn’t happening in the previous version of the sim.

I can quickly correct by moving the throttles or speedbrakes on my throttle controls just slightly, everything goes back to where it should.

Tested so far on the FBW A320 and default Cessna 172.

I also have this issue. It was also happening with the prior WU and continues now after yesterdays (4/13).

Same issue for me as well…I posted about it over in the feedback thread before I saw this thread…

I have it here as well, maybe its not a bug, maybe its there way of saying ‘We know performace s u c k s quit trying to tweak it, its not gonna get any better for the time being!’ .