Throttle going to idle - new bug?

So after making several flights in the TBM the problem for me has resolved itself. When switching back into the action after escape and resume I can hear (and see) the throttle go from zero, then immediately back to wherever it was prior to hitting the escape key. At least on the TBM it is working. Why it goes to zero in the first place though is another question.

Experienced this on the ground taxiing in the 172 when I went to the menu to change something and went back in the sim. Using bravo throttle quadrant.

Seems like this would have been a simple one to put into the hot fix they just released.

Are some people not experiencing this issue?

This is starting to become really annoying…

I’m having the same issue. My engine cuts out completely and it’s not just when pressing Esc.
I thought it was a VR thing at first, as it would happen if I pressed my Reverb’s controller (to go to the WMR portal) but when I returned to the flight in VR mode, my engine cut out.

It only started the other day, after updating the sim.

edit: As soon as you go back into your flight, quickly move your mixture lever down & back up, before the engine cuts out.
Not ideal but it works.


See now yesterday I went to menu and came back and it didnt do it, or so I thought, when I grabbed the throttle to start to lower my airspeed to land, I pulled back, the engines rev’d up to 100%, and then settled back to where I had just set them.

Hope they fix this soon. I find that my throttle levers aren’t affected, but I use my Honeycomb Bravo for throttles… and I have my old Saitek Throttle unit setup for the mixture and rpm (both of these are affected)


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What a terrible bug. I press exit all the time. This needs to be fixed soon.

Someone figured out the solution already. You need to turn all assists off.

All assists are off and it still happens, and Its actually gotten better, say your on a heading of 74 degrees, the autopilot is set for 74 degrees, now it wants to make a right hand turn to turn to 174 degrees, even though its on 74 degrees…

I have all assists turned off and it happens to me.

I’ve never had them on and it’s happening.

Here is a video of it. I recorded in 1440p so it may take a bit for the quality to get better.

This is a new bug for me, i think it started 2 days ago or something. It only happens after i return form the ESC menu. Im using the logitech throttles.I have all assistances off.

It happens with all prop planes, inclusing standard. Pause on/off or active pause it doesn’t happen, only when leaving the ESC menu.

Yeah, big bug.

It started happening to me right after SU3 but then magically it went away. Well kind of. After awhile it was still there but as soon as I re-entered the sim it would throttle back up to wherever it was set prior to escape. But alas, it’s back in full bug mode and kills the engine(s) if I don’t catch it soon enough.

Is there a fix for this? This same thing happened to me again today. Sooo frustrating as I thought a reboot would help but nope.

Check to see if you have a binding conflict with your throttle. This happened to me yesterday but I quickly realized I had two joysticks plugged in. As soon as I disconnected one of them it returned to normal.