Throttle mapping not saving since SU7? Anyone else with this issue?

PC, Steam version, Not using Dev mode, Not on beta

So I haven’t tried this with other aircraft, but this is happening to me with the CRJ (Doesn’t matter which, I’ve flown the 700 and 900 recently). I noticed a little while ago when I went to fly that my throttles were no longer mapped to my saitek throttle quadrant. I’m using the in-game controller settings for this by the way (Throttle 1 Axis, Throttle 2 Axis).

No big deal, I’ll just re-map them, save it, and be on my way.

Except the next time I loaded up the sim, same issue. Mappings for my throttles were gone again.

And this keeps happening. None of my other mappings are affected (flaps, landing gear, TOGA, rudder/yoke, lights, etc…). It’s only my throttles that are affected. And I thought maybe it had to do with my saitek throttle quadrant, except I have my parking brake set to one of the buttons on it and that is still there as well… any suggestions?

My specs:
Ryzen 7 5800x
Asus TUF x570 gaming + wifi
Asus RTX 3060 KO OC (non-ti)
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x16 GB (3200 Mhz)
Windows 11 Pro

Logitech pro flight rudder pedals
Honeycomb Alpha yoke
Logitech pro flight throttle quadrant
Logitech radio panel and autopilot panels

This has happened to me just recently as well. Only for the FW/Piaggio P149 and the Jabiru aircraft. All others seem fine. I cannot seem to remap and get them to work. It is just the throttle only. The prop and mix work just fine. In fact if I use the mouse to manipulate the throttle in the P149 for example and then touch the throttle lever on my Saitek, it cuts the engine back to idle. If I load any other aircraft before or after one of these, it all works as planned. Uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft has no effect either. I am also not running ANY mods.

The switch panel has odd things happen when switching the lights and taxi lights on/off a number of aircraft both default third party when they didn’t before.

I am hoping the next update might help magically. Though it could be from a windows update or NVIDIA driver update? I may have to use SPAD.neXt to see if that helps. (Really didn’t want to have to)

Logitech Pro yoke, throttle, panels
Thrustmaster rudders
Similar system but Windows version, no mods not beta or using dev mode

I still don’t have my throttles mapping correctly in the sim, though they are fine with I’ve honestly stopped using the in-game control mapping and am now solely using