Throttle quadrants

Anyone made purchases at this site ? I thought their stuff looked interesting, but couldn’t find much in the way of reviews, or anything on a youtube demo.

Looks good. I really love how the market is really opening up to these smaller outfits.

The design philosophy (easy to modify or repair) that is outlined in the statement on their website is good to hear too.
It’s nice to step away from mass produced plastics glued together and see something that looks like it could be easily taken apart to fix or upgrade.

Yeah, what you say got my attention. I ruled out the mods for saitek throttles. The bravo looks nice, but not available till who knows when. Also I play only VR, so I can’t see any extras on it anyhow. The website looks legit, but when you can’t find anyone who buys there, or any info anywhere else, it makes me a little nervous to order.

Like the stuff by GVL224 it is pretty likely these are hand made to order or in really tiny batches
and few people outside a couple of forums even know about them.


That doesn’t mean it is bad stuff or some sort of confidence trick but it does mean the wait time might be longer and that paying for it might be a bit more clunky.

R/hotas and r/hotasDIY are good places to check out folks design their own kit some of which also makes it out into print and build yourself kits like the Authentikit gear.