Throttle Randomly Stops Working In Flight

Has happened in several aircraft. I have the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle and sometimes it’ll randomly stop controlling the throttle in-game, even tho in the settings menu MSFS still recognizes the throttle moving. I’ve heard reports of this happening with other hardware too, including rudder pedals.


i have the exact same problem, sometimes i had to change between 2 mappings of the throttle, other times i have to restart the game multiple times…
the throttle responds fine in mapping and other buttons also works fine.

I had the same issue with the Saitek throttle. For me the problem was solved when I realized that MSFS had mapped the throttle on my stick as throttle axis, too. So the sim ended up getting inputs from two axes - one in idle and one with the proper power setting.

hmm that dont seem to be my issue, only 1 axis bound… i can sometimes just jump in to another challenge or other flight, and throttle works fine again.
and the buttons on the throttle works fine, and i revive input in game from the lever.

i often have to restart the game 1-5 times, before it works

Im using a Logitech X-56 Hotas

Same problem here, with Saitek pro yoke

Same problem using Black Widow throttle.

My HOTAS works fine…my keyboard randomly cuts out…

If you have multi monitor setups, I have found that when the map or ATC screens are off the main monitor and on secondary monitors. When your mouse is on them, control functions are inhibited.

Program bug, hope they fix it soom.

Same here. Saitek pro yoke and throttle panel

Don’t know if this applies to you, but that happens to me when the ATC dialog box is active. Other controls also fail to work- like changing camera position, etc.

happened today for first time. Flying Cessna with CH Eclipse yoke. finished a flight with everything working. Started at new airport and throttle not responding to Yoke or mouse on cockpit throttle. Nothing happened. Tried re mapping on yoke control settings. nothing,.
Finally shut down sim and restarted and then everything worked fine. Odd

Are you plugging the Saitek into a USB 2.0 port? If you don’t be prepared for dropouts. My pc didn’t have a 2.0 in my case. Had to add a cable to the motherboard and use a 2.0 port. Flew today for 2.5 hours, and NO DROP. I use a usb2.0 port, with the addition of a externally powered usb 2.0 hub. Problem solved. Look at Logitech’s documentation. It calls for usb 2.0.

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I have that same yoke and it works fine except for the trim wheel would not adjust the elevator trim fast enough. I changed it to the grey buttons for trim nose up/down and used the trim wheel for flaps up/down. My controls cut out when I go to the 2nd monitor to use ATC or change views. I also had a complete loss of controls which turned out that the AI Copilot somehow got turned on. pressed Ctrl-Alt-X to deactivate it.