Throttle will not power up on cessna 208

Well I am really convinced MS failed to write a program that has little or no issues. Latest one I have it the throttle on the 208 will not power up the motor. The throttle lever moves as required yet no power increase to the motor. Every other control works as required. Any ideas?

Engine is not running, or better, engine is turning with the starter only and hasn’t ignited yet. Maybe the ignition switch is still off.
If it happened, make a screenshot of the EICAS Gauges. I would imagine, ITT is not rising.

Flown about 100 hours with the Caravan. Mainly in Papua Neuginea
To start:
open fuel (overhaed pilot)
igniters to on (pilots sidepanel)
fuelbooster to on (pilots sidepanel)
starter to on (pilots sidepanel)
at 400 RPM add fuel: conditionlever (= red mixture lever) to low idle (about 1/3)
For takeoff conditioner to higfh idle (= 2/3 “mixture” )


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