Throttle won't move with HOTAS, but controls show correct input from Hardware device

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Mostly, yes, but it was working without any mod change

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HOTAS throttle and propeller axis were working perfectly up till two days ago, now they wont move past the 0 position. If move the throttle and propeller with the mouse, they will move, and as soon as there is feedback from the HOTAS, they will jump back into the 0 position. The CONTROLS section shows the axis tracking perfectly the movement from my HOTAS to the controls.

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Enter any plane, HOTAS will not control the throttle or propeller. Go into controls, controls are tracking the movement correctly

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Ryzen 3700x RTX3080ti Logitech X-56 HOTAS

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My topic was moved. The hardware and peripherals are all working OK. It’s an in-sim issue that I am experiencing. Hope someone can help, I put this in bugs for aircraft and systems.

I suggest checking assignments on all other controllers attached to your PC. I would suspect another controller also has the throttle and propeller axis assigned to them and conflicting with your HOTAS.

I have this same hunch. But I made the error of asking Steam to check the integrity of the files and somehow ended up deleting the entire game, so I’m reinstalling everything. My only gripe about this possible “conflicting inputs” is that, when that happens, they kind of “compete” and while moving one they kind of jump from the HOTAS input to the “other” conflicting input, but here there is no jumping back and forth at all.

Also, when I move with the mouse, it stays where it was, and as soon as I touch the propeller control, it jumps back to 0. So that is another hint that this is not what is causing the conflict? The throttle is harder to test as it kind of sends output all the time.

But yeah, I’ll look into that. Thanks.

Conflicting assignments would definitely be where I would start. It could even be a USB device you have plugged in has been recognised by the sim and default assignments to it may have been created.

Just a case of being methodical and reviewing the throttle and propeller assignments for all other devices. Alternatively, you could unplug all other devices and just leave the HOTAS throttle connected. If it works when it is the only device connected it must be a conflict.
Hope this helps and you resolve the problem. :+1:

I have checked for conflicting assignments. None.

I created a new Profile empty, re-assigned the EXACT SAME controls… and it works! Revert back to my old profile, broken.

As I mentioned, this is not a “community help”, this is a bug. It is also NOT a hardware issue, but some “good Samaritan” decided to redirect me here when I was, indeed, reporting a bug.

How do I get this back to the bugs section so someone can actually fix this instead of saying “hey, not my fault”?


Yeah good luck with that. I have reported several bugs and all I get are suggestions to buy 3rd party software to work around the issue. Great game terrible support.

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Yeah it sounds like there is some actual MSFS issue/bug here, possibly controller profile becoming corrupted somehow.

I wonder if this is related, user had trouble using Throttle 1 Axis (i.e. same as what OP was using here) for throttle control: Aerolite 103 no throttle control? - #25 by Classic2004

For me, the biggest “hint” that this is not at all HOTAS related is the fact that the “controls” page perfectly tracks my HOTAS, but then the plane fails to “react” to those commands. I have created a bug report again, this time naming a possible corruption of the profile file. Let’s hope that doesn’t trigger a false idea that it is a HOTAS related problem.

Thanks to all for the contributions.

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Which plane?

All planes were affected. It was a global “miss communication” between the profile and the actual airplane control. I can only assume it is a corrupted profile file that refuses to fix itself even if I reassign the affected controls to the same OR OTHER inputs. So, what got corrupted is the “link” between the Throttle and Propeller axis from the profile to the planes, no matter what input I selected.

I am having the same issue as well.
I also noticed that the top rotary knob on the Saitek X56 has somehow Breen assigned to both the propellor and mixture functions. It will not accept any other assignment.
BTW, this all worked perfectly until about a week ago and i had made no changes.
The other thing i noticed is that when you try to assign a button to a function by using the scan for input, it immediately comes up with button 197, which is not a button on the X56
Thanks in advance