Throttles moving but no power since yesterday

Microsoft store version Xbox series x. Turtle beach Velocityone yoke. Mouse and keyboard

All was working fine after the latest update now this morning my throttles move but there is no forward power. Reverse thrust works. I can’t seem to figure out what’s going on.

Video of the issue below

Ensure your throttle is bound to Throttle1 not just throttle.

From Malarsquire721

Can you please explain how to bind a Throttle. The throttle on both my Jabiru models don’t operate. Read somewhere to bind the throttle, but don’t know the procedure. Help appreciated.

Go to settings for your throttle.Search for axis and find throttle axis one.Use it for your throttle.


It is for some reason holding LB and right on the dpad fixed it. Something to do with a glitch on the caravan keeping it in motor mode.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. At last, I got the message! Have made the change. Much appreciated.

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You could make two profiles, one for throttle1 and one for just throttle.
It would then be just a matter of selecting the correct profile.
That would save a bit of time and effort when you switch between aircraft.

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Yep, that’s what I did for the TBM, Longitude, IFTE F-35 and what I named “Everything Else” which is a standard Power, Prop, Mix Throttle Quadrant profile. It’s easy enough to pause the sim and switch profiles if you forgot at the beginning.

I’m having a nightmare setting up the throttles for a longitude profile on the TB Velocityone as the throttles move past idle and Into reverse so around 50% on the throttle quadrant is idle. What are they bloody doing.

If TB provided a profile to MS for their peripherals, it’s probably their configuration, not the sim’s. You’ll need to remap or maybe configure a dead zone.