Through the lens footage of the AA shimmering in SU5?

At this stage in SU5, one of the biggest things that bothers me while flying in VR is the shimmering. It is so obvious, so in your face, so… shimmery! It is particularly jarring when flying over sparsely populated areas - anywhere there are a few houses, the shimmering on those contrasts so much with the rest of the landscape. I noticed too that the AA shimmering happens even while active pause is on, and the headset is stationary.

So I’ve tried to capture some through the lens footage of it, but the issue is that it is best visible on mid-distance towns, so they will be small in the through the lens footage. I can see the shimmering on the video, but only because I know what to look for. I want to have convincing footage of the issue to make it clear what to look for, since many report not seeing it.

Has anyone tried to get such footage successfully?


I think it will be helpful if you post your settings, or at least at what level is your AA set in the sim (TAA), and also what render scaling you use in sim and WMR/SteamVR. At lower settings, these will cause shimmering even if AA is turned on.
I run with TAA turned on, render scale at 90 and OpenXR at 100 and I have no shimmering issues. If I turn TAA off or even the next lowest setting I get shimmering.
I9-900KF with 3090

Sorry, yes and thanks for looking into it! I am using Reverb G2 with TAA. I have 5800X and 3080Ti. I tried different render scales and get the shimmering with OXR 130/MSFS 80, OXR 100/MSFS 100 (and others). In Nvidia Control Panel, I have everything set to Default, just in case.
Terrain and Object LOD set to 200, all settings either medium or high (clouds Ultra), except bloom and reflections (both are off).

Shimmering happens mostly on buildings somewhat in the distance, sometimes on trees. It’s basically like restless edges whose aliasing keeps moving around (even in active pause).

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I’ve posted the following in another topic earlier and I just found out this topic, so I’m copying the content here as well. I’ve tried to find a good example and I’ve prepared some material to show.

NB: these are shots with a camera on the unscaled VR view displaying on the monitor (they are not screen captures) and they are exactly representing what I can see through the lenses.

First case: shimmering on buildings:

You can clearly see in this video the shimmering on small buildings. What you can’t see much, because I had to cut the video for posting, is that the shimmering is showing a pattern repeating in a cycle.

Also worth noting, near the group of buildings located 1/4th of the frame from the left, and 1/2 of the frame from the top, is that only the smallest buildings edges are shimmering but not so much on the larger buildings.

Second case: shimmering specular/reflections:

NB: Please pay attention to these two specific locations:

Besides the same shimmering on the buildings like in the previous video, you can also clearly see how the specular and/or reflection is showing a pattern repeating in a cycle too.

Hope this helps!


I get the same and I have played with every setting but nothing works.
Hopefully we will get a fix.


CptLucky8 that is some great footage of the issue!! Thank you so much - now we can point to this concrete evidence.

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Hope you all understand Asobo/MS hasn’t touched VR side pretty much since the release. I doubt they will any time soon given that where XBOX is where the money is at the moment. I’ve kept my hopes up with every release thinking they will fix some serious issues such as AMD GPUs constant CTD in VR. That is after nearly 8 months. Finally got fixed only because they rewrote the code for XBOX which uses AMD APU. But, they also released SU5 as performance update by crippling graphics and called it an optimization. I am pretty sure this post will be cancelled by moderators, but I’ve pretty much given up wasting time on this SIM.

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Fortunately, you’re wrong. Jörg has stated in a dev Q&A that the’ve hired a dedicated team to work on VR and that we will see big improvements in VR. We don’t know when, but they’re working on it. We’ll know more once the roadmap has been updated.


Since SU5 the shimmering and the scenery pop-in have been the major downgrades for me.
I don’t have a VR headset it’s very noticeable on my monitor too. Far more pronounced on my monitor than is showing in your videos from VR.

It was the first thing I noticed as soon as I fired up the sim after the SU5 update.
Thought maybe some of my settings had been changed and AA had been switched off but they are the same as before.

I hardly fly now as I find it very immersion breaking, especially with whole forests and towns appearing in front of me 1 mile out then disappearing again if I look around.

I’m hoping some of the changes in WU6 are going to fix this. :crossed_fingers:

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You just proved my point. The VR feature was added nearly 9 months ago, with big promises. But nothing had been done. I’m not talking about improvement but bug that cripple this system.

I’m glad that they hired a new team to improve VR side of the sim and truly hi ope that things will get better from this point on. But, where the sim is after a year of release is just totally unacceptable.

Yeah, it’s not only in VR. I notice lots of shimmering here too after SU5 and I don’t use VR. It’s very bad now, they need to fix it.

This issue has once again disappeared from the top bug reports on the Dev update. So is the VR bug and wish list, gone.

That’s supposedly coming back next week so we’ll see.

Really? That would be great news. Which Q&A was that?

Hey captain, any progress in ide tifying the cause of/cure for shimmering?

Did a group flight earlier and it was so terrible again… Tried mny different render scale combos but nothing helped. What I understand least is that many people also running a G2 don’t seem to get it at all… Or they are blind, no idea.

I feel like it doesn’t get talked about enough so I’m bumping this thread!

I’m certain Asobo will figure this out better than me, but I appreciate the vote of confidence!!

New developer update says “unable to reproduce” and we need to assist in highlighting the issue over the next few days

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Well that is disappointing. Doesn’t @CptLucky8 's footage show the issue very clearly?

What’s the easiest way to make a quick recording, ideally of the VR source? I believe I have the issue a lot worse than it appears in Captain’s video… Would be happy to make one if someone has simple instructions

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