Thrust Idle how?

Does anyone have an elegant solution to engage Idle reverse?

Currently, toggling reverse thrust on does not enable the reversers until a little throttle is put in, knowing how much throttle is needed to get idle reverse can be a challenge during landing.

Is there a way to engage/enable reverse idle any other way?


You mean on the TBM?

Any aircraft.

Toggling reverse with the ‘toggle throttle reverse thrust’ is the best (and IMO the most realistic way) to select reverse in any aircraft.
(Don’t use prop reverse in any MSFS aircraft!)

Unfortunately there are a few bugs which prevent the correct indication and animation.

As you have noticed, you need at least -1% of throttle to get any reverse indication and animation which is incorrect.

On all MSFS jets (except the CJ4) the thrust reverser and thrust lever animation is wrong as well.

As soon as you toggle reverse thrust, the thrust reverser sleeves/buckets should fully open within 1-2sec, regardless of the amount of reverse thrust and e.g. the thrust reverser levers should move as well.

I’ve reported both issues a few times already.

As soon as you use the ‘toggle throttle reverse thrust’ command, idle reverse is active, it’s presently ‘only’ the indication and animation which is missing at idle reverse.


Thank you good sir. Its too bad about the animation, but I am almost always in the flight deck so I won’t not see it? lol. As long as it is commanding idle reverse and helps the braking action. Hopefully they listen to your queries and fix the animation, but, I highly doubt they will. Maybe one of our talented modders will fix it.

Correct, in the cockpit you will not the the engine thrust reversers, but e.g. the movement of the revers levers on the throttles to ‘unlock’ the reversers should be visible.

Furthermore the large reverser buckets of the Longitude would look great during a replay.

I’ve read once that the Aerosoft CRJ has correctly animated thrust reversers, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

Idle reverse doesn’t really help in slowing done in most cases. On the Longitude for sure, but on the 747, 787 and A320 not so much. It’s just that the idle fan thrust is diverted, that’s all.

The tiny thrust reverser doors on the CEOs CFM engines don’t even noticeable help at max reverse, but at least they produce a lot of noise.

On a couple occasions when flying into an airforce base (massive runways), we wouldn’t use any auto braking and would rely on idle reverse with manual braking before getting close to a high speed and the idle thrust + extra drag caused by the opening would be sufficient enough. I have 0 experience with the CFM engines so can’t speak for those, our fleet was all IAE.

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