Thrust Master Pedals Wont

Thrust Master Pedals Wont brake right or left. I can get them to deflect left and right.

Does anyone have a guide to completely set them up?


I also have issues with configuration of the brakes. The Y and X axes do not work correctly.

I have these pedals and had the same issue. Heres how i sorted it out.
Go to rudder setup page, the click on the sensitivity button. Itll show the three different axes with the names (key point here). Just confirm that one axis is the Left-Right for rudder. Then each of the other axes are for each toe brake.

Now before closing the sensitivity page, take note of the exact name of each axis (for me it was joystick L-axis X etc).
Now when you go back to the other page (2nd pic) you’ll probably find that the control assignments dont match what was on the sensitivity page. So just reassign the toe brakes and rudders accordingly.

I believe my toe brakes were initally assigned as Joystick R not Joystick L. Furthermore i think the X and Y were swapped too (i think lol)

In any event it should be good after this. Bear in mind, you may have to tick the “reverse axis” button or else the brakes may be…reversed lol.