Thrust Reverse Question

Is there a guide out there on how to map reverse thrust to a button on a throttle? I have been trying out the reverse thrust options and they all seem to make the aircraft act weird. For example, if I put my throttle to idle then I Hold Reverse thrust, when I let go of the button i set for reverse, the throttle gets pinned to max in game until i move my physical throttle from idle. It is very frusturating, because when coming from X Plane 11, I could just hold the reverse button and when I am slowed enough, I let go. Very simple.

Also, In order for me to get the reverse to work in the a320, i had to map the Reverse Prop option instead of thrust. The hold thrust reverse has no effect.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

I am having similar issues with the King Air 350i

Try setting a keybind for “Decrease Throttle” Just Search for “Throttle”
Make sure Filter is set to “ALL” then in game just press and hold the button.
This issue is that not all reverser’s are Prop trim based i think.

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had the same issue and this was my fix as well.

Hmm. This works to set the throttle to reverse but when i let go it goes full throttle until i move my throttle from idle. I am using an x56. Very strange