Thrustmaster Airbus Colours on throttle and quadrant

Hi All, I want to make some faceplates for my streamdecks in Airbus Blue RAL . I just want them to match my Thrustmaster Airbus Gear. I know airbus use RAL colors and thats not difficult to research. Im more interested in the blue that is used on the thrustmaster plastic sidestick and throttle is it near the RAL 5024 pastel Blue. In the future I might try 3d printing some covers and then spray painting them. I guess I could take my joystick to the paint store and maybe they could colour scan it to see ? Then might think about etching an Airbus Logo on them, thanks

You could try Thrustmaster technical support and see if they can give you an answer. I imagine they would have used “official” Airbus colours as part of their licensing agreement.

thanks I just sent them an enquiry.

Did you ever get a reply with the answer?

they gave me a generic answer frankly they didnt know so I used a color reader to electronically measure the thrustmaster. will post color reader results here when I am home from work

I would appreciate this very much! :slight_smile:

Did you manage to retrieve these, please?

just going to recalibrate I send color codes in 30 minutes

I used this now I know airbus use RAL colors Dove Grey or pigeon blue but trying to color match using official Ral color codes from airbus will probably not be as accurate if you are going to the paint shop because of level of match regarding the plastic molding of colors used by thrustmaster, but I changed settings to see what Ral palette the color sensor came up with and the reading is less accurate but here it is anyway so the first swatch ncs is what the color sensor determined

I never thanked you for this. So here it is! A HUGE THANK YOU INCOMING FOR
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