Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke

It’s fantastic. I’ve been flying with the yoke since January of last year and I mainly fly smaller GA aircraft.

I also have two of the Boeing throttle quadrants for a total of eight axis. I use the two on the yoke as propeller and mixture. I have the throttles setup with four throttles in the middle (for the 747 or DC-6 when it finally gets back on my Xbox) and the far left as spoilers and far right as flaps. I’ve thought, at times, I ought to make better use of the quadrant axis since I don’t fly the 4-engined aircraft often, but changing control profiles for different planes kinda bugs me, so I leave it be.

I’ve seen a number of options on Amazon. Do a search for “steering wheel stand simulator”. If you need any measurements to check for compatibility, just let me know and I’ll measure mine. I don’t use a stand as I’ve got a specialized corner desk strictly setup for the sim.

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I fly exclusively small planes and I love this yoke. Okay that’s not completely true, I tried a DC-3 today. But seriously, the precision you get from this yoke is exactly what you need in a small plane. I used to have the VelocityOne and the pitch axis was so rough I ended up using the trim wheel to pitch. On an airliner where the reactions are slower and most of the time you just jump to autopilot that might not be a huge issue, but in GA where you’re hand flying a lot more you really want the precision and feel. Can’t recommend it enough specifically for smaller planes.

I only have one set of throttles, so when I’m flying a twin engined plane I use the two axes on the yoke for mixture, although I bound them to work “upside down” so gravity doesn’t pull them down and shut off my fuel flow. That said, when I turn the plane off and store my yoke those two axes are always at the top and they haven’t fallen yet so it might be me being overly cautious.

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Thanks a lot. Made up my mind, waiting for a good offer. Regarding the table, guess have to build one.