Thrustmaster Future Hardware

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to expand the Thrustmaster Airbus Officer peripherals?

I recently purchased the whole setup with Thrustmaster and for just about $340 CDN I got myself the: Airbus Sidestick, Throttle Quadrant, and of course the Throttle Quadrant Add-on. With these peripherals, the flight experience is only getting more realistic. Being able to experience replica controls of an Airbus aircraft is beyond fascinating.

But, what if things got more realistic than what it currently is? I have been thinking to myself how awesome it would be to have the majority of the airbus main controls right on your desktop. How about a desktop replica of the overhead panel, which allows you to control lights, APU, batteries, fuel pumps, etc. Or even better, a setup which houses the Autopilot controls along with realistic displays. Sure, there are some out there on the market, but nothing has been seen from Thrustmaster.

Since Thrustmaster has been focusing their branding towards Airbus, I really wonder if they are in the process of doing something like this for us flight simulator enthusiasts. At the end of the day, if something like this ever hit the market, I can guarantee not only myself, but thousands of other simmers would jump at the first opportunity to buy one.

Therefore, of Thrustmaster ends up seeing this topic, I highly agree that you should consider.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see on your desktop that aims to become more realistic.

Would be good (at least) if the Thrustmaster “Top Gun” Force Feedback Joystick, did not instantly cause MSFS to CTD.

I don’t expect a preset profile for every Joystick out there, but I DO NOT expect a USB Joystick, from a reparable manufacturer, to cause MSFS to CTD, (when the Joystick runs fine on W10, on other applications)


an MFD with knobs and buttons would be nice, at the moment I use the Behringer Midi x (1) MSFS FS2020 + Behringer X-Touch Mini - YouTube, I am going to cut some panel for it Airbus RAL Blue and maybe change some knobs

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Brilliant idea! Although I would have to label all knobs as I would mess up and touch the wrong switch or knob :joy: excellent idea though!