Thrustmaster Hotas 3 no longer working on PC after Xbox update

Worked perfectly ok previously with no effort on my part, now you can select in in the controls but a question mark appears and none of the controls work. MSFS is now unusable… Everything looks ok in the Game Controllers properties. Have MSFS suddenly decided it is obsolete thanks to some Xbox thing?

Hello, I’m having the same problem. Right after the upgrade everything was working perfectly, the improvement are incredibly huge on the general performance and grahpics. Except that one thing was not behaving correcly, the globe to plan a fligh was locked on one axis. Today I decided to unplug my hotas controller to see if it was not interfering. And the globe start working correctly. I thought it was ok. But, from that point impossible to get my stick back working.
I plugged it on the same USB port or another, same behavior. I restarted FS and the PC, same behavior.
I did check in the control panel, the stick is present, and I validated through that interface that it behaves correctly.
The only point is that FS decided not to show/use it anymore.
FS unusable … Tx.

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