Thrustmaster hotas one setup on xbox series x

How do you setup this joystick in xbox I’m finding it difficult to assign the buttons to the sim controls, could someone explain the procedure for doing this.

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Looking for some help here as well. It works for flying but some buttons aren’t used and menu can’t be accessed…

Having issues with my Hotas One - works fine first time after powering up Xbox but after a flight it seems to conflict with the controller with the cursor disappearing.

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I am moving your post into the Peripherals category. That is where discussion about HOTAS, yokes, rudder pedals, etc. takes place.

Is there a fix yet, I thought I had bought a Thrustmaster HOTAS One from a UK supplier should have been here on 3rdthen I noticed is it left Netherlands on 3rd and was exported on 4th. Hopefully not much longer to wait! Has anybody seen a workaround on mapping keys I saw something but didn’t understand the terminology?

As far as I know, not.
I use the Hotas One for flying and have a controller nearby for menu control.
Not ideal at all and I hope it wel be fixed in the near future.

This fixed everything for me…

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For me I set it up the way I like and if the controls were bound to something else I found that I had to go back into the hotas set up and unbind the input I no longer wanted the button to be. I also assigned all buttons by using “input” not the drop-down menu. I turned off my controller and bought. $15 keyboard mouse on Amazon it makes the entire sim so much better. If you have the hotas system adding the keyboard and mouse is the way to go.

Yes it worked for me but I have to reset the sensitivity every time I logon. It will be good once Microsoft sort out these issues.

Yes, you have to input the sensitivity settings Everytime you fire up the game. Takes about 45 seconds. Really not a big deal if you’ve been dealing with Madden for the last 20 years… Constant tinkering Everytime you want to play… So, I wouldn’t say this is a big deal. MFS is running awesome for me on Xbox. I added a keyboard and mouse to my Hotas One and all well.

I agree, not a show stopper. Love this on XBox X, blown away, even with downloaded scenery, no noticeable drop in frame rates.

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When this issue will be solved??! Its so frustrating

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All this hard time im facing with this controller falls under Microsoft responsibility.
We need a fix now

Hello, until they fix it use a cordless mouse on Xbox X Series and you’ll easily access all menues and camera views…

I agree its the only way to get full control, also I use cordless keyboard which makes entering data a doddle.