Thrustmaster One Joystick hard left turn after landing

I’ve been using the Thrustmaster “x” and the “one” with great success until FS2020. Both have a problem after landings when 1/2 way down the runway turning left for no reason. Even when no input at all. Just letting the plane go straight with no input at all. Tried many planes but the same problem over and over. It’s not a timing thing . . . after a number of seconds it occurs. Nope. Only after landing and about 1/2 way down the runway after a perfect landing. Everything set to easy mode. I have 50 hours of real piloting and have spent thousands of hours on FS through the years. I’m now also using X-Plane. No problems with joysticks until FS2020. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

This happens to me a lot as well w/ my T. HOTAS One. I read something about needing to add better “deadzones” but not sure why this would be happening.

I’m also using a Thrustmaster T.HOTAS One, and the abrupt turning happens to me.
You can try adjusting the sensitivity in the CONTROLS option of MSFS2020.

This is an example of mine.

You might need to check it’s calibration. I made a post about this some time back along with the fact that the Thrustmaster software needs to be uninstalled to gain access to the windows joy.cpl.

Details are here…

Update and fix. Turn Piloting from easy to hard. After landing the easy setting will help you turn to the terminal to deplane like a robot taking over the plane. Anyone that tries to do “touch and goes” has a problem with the easy setting. The hard setting fixes this problem. I haven’t tried the medium setting yet but it should also work correctly instead of turning 1/2 way down the runway and turning to the gate area.

My stick is not Thrustmaster (it’s a PXN), but this happens to me quite often.
I get a sudden hard left turn while flying, my stick does not respond to any input,
and that results in crashing to the ground.

Changing the Piloting from easy to hard sorted the left swerve on landing for me. But with certain aircraft I also get the uncontrollable swerve to the left just after takeoff. I have not tried all of the aircraft but both Robins and the Aerolite do it every time. No problems with the Cessnas or Piper cubs and a few others. This applies whether I am using the Thrustmaster or Logitech extreme 3d joy sticks.

Are you sure you aren’t taking off with crosswinds that are above the maximum for that type of aircraft?

At the moment I am just flying circuits in calm weather with the wind straight down the runway. The Piper and the Cessna would also be more affected by crosswinds than the Robins which are more powerful.