Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals conflict with Autopilots

Since November/December updates my Thrustmaster Rudder/pedals are conflicting with autopilot in A320,757,747 and TBM ( and perhaps other aircraft not yet flown) in so much as when in flight and autopilot is engaged, after a while, 30-60 seconds, the rudder slowly increments itself to the right and gradually puts the aircraft into a right bank/yaw even when following direction of autopilot, always to the right not the left. The longer I leave it the more pronounced it becomes. I have learnt a trick to keep disengaging and then re engaging the autopilot and it straightens up the rudder and aircraft…it then starts all over again. Yet with no autopilot engaged the aircraft handles with rudder correctly in manual turns/slip and straight flight. Revert to X Plane and pedals are perfect as they always were !! This is yet another real pain ruining MSFS 2020. Anyone experienced the same issues or have a work around, sick of turning off/on Autopilot just to do an airliner or flight over 50 nm !!!

Carefully check all of your keyboard bindings and the throttle bindings for conflicts. It may even be the pedals , increase the dead zone and see if that helps.

Also are you using thurstmaster software at all?

ccrbc, Many thanks for your response. I have done loads of testing today especially with assignments, conflicts etc, sensitivity , reactivity and there is no issue found. As mentioned the Thrustmaster rudder pedals ( and using Thrustmaster Yoke system with throttle/mixture, variable prop) quadrant) are all working perfectly when Autopilot not engaged !!. I have tested today using TBM and as a real world pilot albeit only GA ( Cessna 152/174/Piper warriors) it handles great into turns/slip , creates a wonderful side slip on approach with crossed controls to lose altitude rapidly, all performs well !! Just as soon as you engage autopilot it starts to gradually add incremental rudder to the right bit by bit, only resetting flipping autopilot off and back on. Here’s the one that seals the autopilot issue for me. I unplugged the Thrustmaster pedals and flew it without , immediately engaging autopilot on a runway heading. Lo and behold, bit by bit same issue, rudder increases incrementally exactly as when pedals plugged in. Shame I haven’t got my old CH pedals and yoke to check and swap , but unless anyone can shed light on this conflict I can only assume its the software conflicting with Thrustmaster products, especially since this only started after November 2020 update and wasn’t there before. As stated, still got X-Plane and P3D on PC and no conflicts with my Yoke or rudder. Most, most annoying ( never mind the Terrain Lumps now sticking out of the ground at various locations!!) Come on Asobo get your act together, going from a potentially great product to a dudd costing a fair bit of money ( and I have been Simming every product includingMs, Prep3D, X Plane & LM since early 90’s and know how updates and conflicts work !!!

You can also try to increase the deadzone coming from your pedals. I’m thinking maybe 10% deadzone would suffice.

Neo, Many thanks for your suggestion. Sorry, it had no effect on the gradual progression of the rudder when auto pilot engaged. I think the clue that it is a software - auto pilot conflict must lie in the fact that when I un- plug the Thrustmaster Pedals and do a take off on runway heading and engage the autopilot and let the aircraft cruise at say 1500 feet the same issue starts, gradual increase in right rudder deflection just getting progressively worse over say 5 mins plus until aircraft is in a bank but still following autopilot heading. Also as stated when flying with no auto pilot engaged perfect flying rudder control every time-no deflection what so ever !!! I have even reset the rudder trims , no help ! Can it be a conflict with The Thrustmaster Yoke System which is still being used , I think most likely just a total conflict of the Auto pilot software written by Asobo , Again this only started after November and December 2020 updates !!!COME ON ASOBO/MICROSOFT TAKE A LOOK AT AUTO PILOT CONFLICTS WITH RUDDER PROGRESSION PLEASE WITH THRUSTMASTER PRODUCTS OR OVERALL CONFLICT… I would also appreciate in anyone else is having this issue. Frankly I do not know what to do next other than source a different set of controls and see if this still occurs !!!

Well maybe… Did you try to add the deadzone for your Yoke system as well? The Deadzone is important to apply to all axis that has direct input to the primary flight control systems. Any ghost inputs coming from the pitch, bank, and yaw axis will “overwrite” the autopilot behaviour. So it’s important to assign the deadzone to avoid ghost inputs from happening.

Also, is your yoke auto-center itself?I mean when you lift your hands off the yoke, does it snap back to the center neutral position? I think some yoke doesn’t have this mechanism, which will make the yoke to be continuously feeding the sim with bank commands unless you’re absolutely position itself on the absolute center/neutral. Which is difficult in itself since it’s difficult for us to determine where the absolute center is.

I can only say about the A320 though, I’m not sure how other aircraft behaves. But I am using the Master A32NX mod with Custom FBW and Autopilot function which overwrites whatever the default Autopilot Asobo is behaving. So as long as I have this installed, and set Flight model to Modern, turn off all assists and set them to Hard/True to Life, and assigning 5-10% deadzone on all my axis, I never had the banking issue anymore. But I am also using a Thrustmaster TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition with no rudder pedals. So my pitch, bank, and yaw controls all coming from the joystick 3-axis hardware and it auto snaps back to neutral when not being handled.

I had the same problem, read a post (can’t remember where) and set the Options/General/Flight Model to modern. Now no rubber drifting. Hope this may be your issue.

Huge thanks for the suggestions… RESOLVED !! Just that simple re set to MODERN FROM LEGACY instantly resolved the issue in all aircraft !! Wow.
Two months of hassle and poor Sim-ing just because of that !
I can now get back to enjoying this Sim ( just need the developers to sort the issue of the Terrain having pop up mini cones and volcanos here and there and we are back to where we were before last updates : )
Thanks again to all for taking the time with your suggestions and help,
Steve UK.