Thrustmaster Sidestick

Looking at the TCA sidestick, am I right in thinking there’s the Thrustmaster TCA SideStick and a SideStick X?

If so what’s the difference?

X is the improved version and was released for both XBox and PC. I think this one solves the factory design defect of the old version that had absolutely terrible reliability on the rudder axis.

Is there much difference, I fly once twice a week maybe.

The rudder defect will drive you insane. You can check the posts here on the forum about it. If the X version really solved that problem, it’s probably worth picking up. But whatever you do, don’t get the old version.

There’s only one throttle quadrant right? The original and that compatible with the x version

Can anyone confirm sidestick x is plug and play with only 1 version of the Airbus TCS quadrant?