Thrustmaster t.16000m AT

Hi all. New to this. Just bought Thrustmaster t.16000m joystick and throttle but have only connected the joystick so far. Mapped out some of the basic functions to my own liking and tried out the B747 to ensure they work. Flaps, gear ailerons elevators etc all work fine but i’m finding that the auto throttle doesn’t work once on autopilot. AT switch definitely in the correct position. I’ve tried removing the throttle lever on the joystick in control options but the AT still does not work. Any suggestions anyone please?

Depends on which plane you’re flying.

If you’re flying the A320, the throttle should be in the climb ‘CLB’ detent, and then A/T will work correctly.

Thanks for the response. I’m flying the B747 and was using the TM Hotas 4 before without issue. The T.16000m has a slider for the throttle which seems to work okay to begin with but then doesn’t inc/dec power smoothly if used after take off. The selected functions on the aircraft are all in the right configuration i.e LNAV, AT & AP all on but the AT doesn’t work with this new joystick. I’ve tried it on default settings as well as disabled the slider but still no luck with the AT. Would be grateful to hear from anyone flying the B747 with the T.16000m

Since you have the throttle already, why don’t you just plug that in and set up both the throttle and joystick together? I have the T.16000M flight pack (stick, throttle, rudder) and it works great in MSFS.

Unplugged the joystick, did a PC restart, then plugged in both JS & T but the same issue, AT not working. However, saw that the SPD button under the AT switch was off and when I switched that on AT now works fine. Flown the B747 countless times before and not had to switch that button on before so not sure why it was off now but anyway problem solved! Thanks so much guys for your responses.

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