Thrustmaster T16000 & T Flight Rudder Pedal Sensitivity Settings

Hi All, I am using the Thrustmaster T16000 Joystick & T Flight Rudder Pedals and was wondering if anyone has had any luck in setting the sensitivity graphs for these controllers? I mostly fly the C172 and have not been able to find, what I would consider, the optimal settings for a good flight experience. I understand everyone has differing opinions of what is considered optimal but I find, at least with these controllers, that everything appears very reactive and jerky as opposed smooth movements. Would be keen on other peoples experiences?

Search for the thread “sensitivity settings” and see all those comments. I posted mine on there, and today I lowered them all except the throttle by 5%. I have NOT flown the new settings yet. Got flu shot and not sure it has not started to mess up my system. You will be surprised by the difference among the various flight controls out there.

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