Thrustmaster T16000M joystick control surfaces intermittently not working

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Not sure what this is, I’ve installed all of the Asobos airliners

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

Intermittently, when providing inputs via the thrustmaster T16000M joystick (pitch, roll and rudder) my inputs are not being affected in the simulator.

I have noticed this more so in the landing phase of flight, ie on touch down rudder inputs are not being acknowledged by the simulator. In some events, the rudder on touch down has a mind of its own and steers the aircraft hard in any direction.

I have looked outside the aircraft when this happens, be it pitch, roll or rudder, and what I see is the control surfaces begin to move but quickly jerk back to center.

I’ve been through various troubleshooting articles and looked at my joystick in the simulator settings, seen that the sensitivity is all fine and all is working as it should.

I’ve gone further to plug the joystick directly into the machine instead of not using a hub and the issue remains.

I’ve even turned off Assistance thinking that might be causing it, but much to my frustration it’s still happening…

Can anybody help? :pray:t2:

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

Windows 10 running Bootcamp on MacBook Pro 16”

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?


I found the solution

TL;DR - Uninstall the TARGET software.

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I have had a problem where the rudder and brakes after landing don’t work, maybe one out of 4 times. The last time, they started working again after a couple of hundred feet of going straight and not being able to stop… I ordered a new rudder last week thinking my 12-year-old CH pedals are acting up, but I have a suspicion that the new setup will do the same thing. I think it is a bug.