Thrustmaster TCA Addon Spoilers/ Flaps Park BRK/ Auto BRK and Landing Gear fail to be recognized

I just got the Thrustmaster TC Airbus add on modules (Flaps and Spoilers) today and went to set it up. When I launch the Thrustmaster Control Panel Properties Under TCA Q ENG 1&2 The Spoilers/ Flaps Park BRK/ Auto BRK and Landing Gear fail to be recognized. I have tried to get them to work inside the MSFS environment under control options by following the instructions that Fenix A 320 support team has suggested with no luck. I think the fact that the modules are not recognized by the TCA Control panel is the main issue. I have tried to unplug the USB cable and rebooting the PC with no luck. All of the cables are connected according the directions although when I first hooked them up I had them backwards, It has been corrected. Thank you for your assistance.

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If the addons are not recognised by the Thrustmaster Control Panel, it won’t be recognised by MSFS or anywhere else.

Can you share a photo of your entire setup on the throttle from all angles, including the underside where the quadrant and addons connect to each other and the rear of the device?

Here you go. I tried replacing the SATA cables and that did not do anything.