Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Throttle with the CJ4 Working Title

Can anybody direct me to a video or tutoral explaining the setup of this hardware for the Working Title CJ4? I search the forums and the web but did not find anything.
I have the Thrustmaster Airbus Joystick and Throttle and in my standard setup it works very well with the FBW Airbus 320neo in MSFS 2020. The detents for the airbus (TOGA, MCT, CLB etc.) and also the reverser works perfectly.
However the throttle in the Working Title CJ4 seems strange. I guess it is necessary to create another profile? Is there any tutorial to do this?
Thanks Walter

There are guidelines posted in the WT Discord under Hardware section. Just search for TCA settings etc.

This is what I use.

Sorry, have problems to join the Discord Server. When I click the above link, an invitation window opens, but when I click on the “accept invitation” it always says “the invitation cannot be accepted” (in German)

Okay, I will also try to use your settings in the sensitivity (I guess these settings you have under a separate profile for the CJ4 WT).

thanks for your input

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Thanks AthenaGray1 for your settings. These work for me perfectly with the CJ4 WT.
I guess it is correct to fix the reverser stops on TCA Airbus Throttle in order to use the full path of throttle (including the reverser section) for the CJ4 WT which has no reverser, contrary to the the A320.

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Have the same as @AthenaGrey1 except for the “Sensitivity -” set to +50%. As @VolumedCleric3 mentioned, reverser stops must be suppressed.

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