Thrustmaster TCA Joystick - Pivot Cam Settings

Does anyone know how to change the TCA Airbus edition Pivot camera for looking around the cockpit into more of a “free and gradual” camera like an xbox controller, rather than a “fast, quick view cam”. It makes looking round the cockpit really difficult by default… just giving you the option to look left, right and straight on.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. It does only support 4 movements

Hopefully Asobo can provide a setting for more gradual movements!

No they will not. This isn’t a software thing, the sidestick itself can just go up, down, left and right. It’s not like the xbox joystick.

I don’t see why it couldnt be re-programmed to be slower and when you let go of the pivot, the camera stays static, rather than snapping back to the default forward facing cam.

This would be really cool, I agree. Maybe we‘ll get it one day, who knows. But I think the dev team has other priorities.

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