Thrustmaster TCA quadrant + add on not working with all airplanes?

My stepfather using this configuration :
TCA Captain Pack Airbus Edition + and the rudder pedals.

With an Airbus A320 NEO, all is working except the auto break. (Why I don’t know)
With a Robin, the rudder pedals and the rest are not really working. The engine is off to be on, and work sometimes, but sometimes no…

Do you think some airplanes are not compatible with this configuration ?

Thanks for your help
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(Sorry I’m French and not a pilot)

Rudder pedals ought to work with all aircraft if they are mapped to the rudder axis.

(I can’t really help with the throttle though)

Agree pedals are working or not. Normally you can see it in the configutation of the sensitivity or the mapping in the controll panel.
You have the rudder on the joystick. So I push the button in front if the stick to fix it. But there is some kind of bug and there are some movings inside of the stick so I also set the deadzone of this rudder to 100%.
I mean you also need a different mapping if you use it with other planes. It is al little bit trial and error if you use the throttle with other planes.

Of course, this device was designed to fly with Airbus, but you may want to use this device to fly other planes.

With cessna, after a few minutes, Garmin GPS will be off. This has nothing to do with MSFS 2020 and other flight hardware.

Perhaps this information would be useful to Thrustmaster owners.

I have it, and i just fly in A320 :slight_smile: , ofc i like others, but i have Hotas One and TCA Captain Pack Airbus, i have both, but i only fly on A320

Hallo, I had the same problem… Fix do not use the Engine ON/OFF from the Thrustmaster quadrant. The Startmotor will work all the time and the battery goes empty. For that me need a button not a switch.

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