Thrustmaster TCA quadrant as ENG 3&4 not completely working

Hello people,

because I was bored, I bought a second TCA quadrant from Thrustmaster. Has also only lasted 4 months, where others do not even have their first.

But that’s not the point.

To the team of Microsoft and Asobo:

As soon as you change the quadrant to “ENG 3&4” using the toggle switch in front, it is recognized by MSFS and can be configured, but still the complete support is probably missing. There is no default profile, “Mode Norm” doesn’t work again (which doesn’t matter here because you have that twice :-D) but more important: The sensitivity curves are not taken over. Even if you take them over from “ENG 1&2”, the result is still that the thrust controllers of 1&2 have different positions in the game than 3&4.

You can see the lack of support by the fact that no product image is displayed in the menu and the buttons also have no names in the configuration.

Maybe you could change this? I’m sure I’m not the only one who is preparing for 4 engines. Flybywire is already working on an A380 and your 747 also wants to be flown :wink:

Example pictures:

For both quadrants, the controllers are set to “Idle”.
With 1&2 it fits but with 3&4 I am already at 50% reverse.
If I now move all 4 controllers forward, they accelerate differently from 0 to 100%.

Eng 1&2

Eng 3&4


all 4 on Idle

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