Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant for GA aircraft? / Idle at CL detent

Is there advice out there for how to configure the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant for GA aircraft? Specifically, controlling the point at which there is zero thrust and when the thrust reversers (if available) engage?

If seems that the default behavior, e.g. on the TBM 390 or Cessna 208 B, the is thrust is zero starting at the CL detent instead of Forward Idle. This reduces the range of forward throttle by half.

That is works like this out of the box was super confusing and there doesn’t seem to be a way to configure where “zero” is supposed to be on the throttle axis.

I think I finally understand the joystick sensitivity configuration.

  • Neutral: This is the point in the axis that should read 0% throttle in game, i.e. idle position. Move your throttle to the IDLE indent and then move the neutral slider until the white dot is in the middle.
  • Dead zone: The TCA quadrant is sensitive enough that even when you have the thrust reverser guards down, even a little input or wiggle can register. In order to have IDLE throttle really equal idle, you increase the dead zone so that the game doesn’t register moving out of IDLE until you are actually applying movement on the axis
  • Sensitivity (Minus): For the TCA quadrant, this is confusing since the throttle axis is reversed. If it’s 0, then you have linear performance along the axis. If you want the area around 0 and 100% to be more sensitive, you can increase this. If you want it less sensitive, you can decrease it.

Procedure for calibration.

  1. Go to an airport gate so that you can start cold and dark. Zoom into the throttle position, mouse over the throttle so that it tells you what % the throttle is.
  2. Change the Neutral slider until the IDLE detent registers % throttle in game
  3. Change the Dead zone until small inputs at IDLE do not register in game. By “small input”, this means, “jiggle it, just a little bit”.
  4. Verify that the CL detent give you about 33% thrust. It’s ok if it’s a little off. If you are below, say 25%, increase Sensitivity (Minus) until it’s at 33%.
  5. Verify that the FLX/MCT detent says about 66% in game. Since Sensitivity (Minus) is symmetric (i.e. you can’t adjust where 50% throttle forward is), you’ll change both FLX/MCT and CL detents. Find a happy medium
  6. Verify that the TO/GA detent registers 100%. You can use Extremity Dead Zone if you want it to hit 100% a little before TO/GA and that small inputs don’t move you out of 100%.

Detent reference. See here which detents are which. Unfortunately they aren’t printed on the throttle. Counting from full reverse:

  • IDLE = Detent 1
  • CL = Detent 2
  • FLX/MCT = Detent 3

Thank you, I have been searching all over to find a decent calibration for GA aircraft since I got the Thrustmaster.

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Thanks, this was racking my brain! Thought I had to go and buy back my original HOTAS.

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You, Sir - are a life saver :wink:
Thank you!