Thrustmaster throttle quadrant add on

SO I would like to build a airbus A320 cockpit, or something that looks like one but I would like to have the Thrustmaster throttle quadrant add on with the flaps and speed brake. Anyone knows logitech still produce them?
Thank you!

I believe so, check their website…

Thrustmaster and Logitech are two different companies which make competing peripherals. What product exactly are you asking about?

Yes, Thrustmaster is the company who make the airbus add-on, It seems to be pretty hard to get your hands on due to supply and demand. I was lucky enough to buy one then the next day they were on back order again. Just have to keep on looking daily for when one becomes available.

Very hard to get hold of indeed. I’ve picked up a DoA one from eBay for cheap in the hope of getting it working again. Arriving soon, so we’ll see…

I know, I mixed up the product and the company. I am talking about the airbus quadrant add on. The flaps and speed brake that you add to the airbus throttle

Alright, I am gonna keep a eye on it. I also thought to buy second handed but no sure if It is good ideia

I thought to buy on ebay also. Tell me if it is save and worth or its better to wait when it come available again!

Always out of stock and out of stock every other sites

If I can’t fix it, you can be next on the list to have a go :slight_smile:

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