Thrustmaster TPR & MSFS Axis binding issue - Brakes on unless toe brakes are half depressed!?

This was working fine until April 2024’s update…

Now I have an issue where for some reason MSFS thinks the axes on the toe brakes go from -32k to +32k i.e. they are only ‘off’ when half way depressed.

This is causing an issue where on Gliders with a Tow aircraft, it thinks the brakes are on unless I put half toe brakes on each side. Trying to then control the rudder like this is very difficult as movement means toe brakes keep getting applied!

I’ve confirmed the Calibration with the Thrustmaster TPR Calibration tool.

In the MS Setup USB Controllers (which TM tells us never to use to calibrate) then the toe brake axes are full on (65k) each and when fully depressed to go 0 on each.

But for some dumb reason MSFS only thinks that off is half depressed.

Has anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?

If TM told you that ignore them. Don’t use any TM software just do the windows game controller setup and that’s all you need. Mine have been flawless on 2 different machines without any TM software in sight.

I tried that, just in case.

Made zero difference.

Also this seemed to creep in after yesterday’s update. Before that I had no issues.

Once the TM software is used it can screw things up as others have found. There are several posts on this forum explaining what people did to resolve issues with TPR operation. It’s worth a read to see if anyone’s solution works for you.

Read them, tried them, no fix.