Thrustmaster USB joystick

Hi there, i have the following joystick that i use to use in other flight sims with no issues, however when using this on the new MS sim - it is detected, but that’s it. I can’t assign keys or use it.

Bottom left of the controls setup screen…you’ll see the filter. It will be set to ‘Assigned’, arrow across to ‘All’

Thanks for your resonse - that’s the solution!
I had the same Problem and now it works!

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Dear OwnAlpaca525633 would you be so kind to share your Thrustmaster USB joystick mapping, please? Thank you in advance !

I have the same issue here, BUT: it’s not showing up at all. Not even if I change the filter to all.
It works in Arma3 and I can test the buttons in the Windows-controllersettings. What now?

I also don’t get the USB-Controller (or Joystick?) menu in the control-setup-screen… if I connect my Steam-Controller it shows up. WTH?

The above cited solution does the trick. You have to program one by one all features, like the hat views, and be careful with the sensitivity settings of the control surfaces, but after a day o so of work I got a satisfying experience.

Sadly, as I wrote: the Joystick was NOT detected at all.

The solution was: Since I got the Steam-version I had to remove the controller-config (I used the Steam-Controller earlier) in the BigScreen controller-settings. After closing and restarting Steam and FlightSim2020 the Joystick was recognized normally.

Thanks solution worked great!

Thanks everyone.