Thumbnail Screenshots in Hangar still not working

Just to let you know, the ‘Thumbnail Screenshot’ feature in the Dev Mode, in Hangar, doesnt work on all computers and now has another bug on top of the old issue.
If you go to create/generate a Thumbnail in the Project Editor, it creates a 0KB size PNG file. The file is temporarily not clickable stating another program is keeping it from opening.
You see the flash of your plane as it takes the screenshot. If you use 'Windows key + Print Screen, you can ScreenGrab the plane before it disappears. You cannot do this if you are in Windows mode. If you are in Full Screen mode, the screenshot can be captured. But in Windows mode, it has the Aircraft Editor/Project Editor screens ‘on top of’ the screenshot. When you take the screenshot, you have 2 to 3 seconds to get the shot with ScreenGrab. The sim also bumps back to Windows mode, so you have to reset the sim to Full Screen mode each time you take a manually done Thumbnail shot.

And for worse news. On my computer, the planes now only have a solid white background, no move shadows. So the bug is slightly worse now.
I heard through the MS Store team that others have reported this issue, unable to get Thumbnail screenshots in the sim. The sim appears to take the show, but it doesnt ‘materialize’. The new 'white background without shadows is new. Before SU7, it had shadows in the white background, but only 1 second only for the manual ScreenGrab. You had to be FAST to take it, lol… Otherwise, no thumbnails which are required by MarketPlace for you Selection Icons and store Screenshot.

Bill Ortis
Lionheart Creations

I have tried this with virus protection off, still doesnt save a screenshot.

For me, its finally working. I had the Beta update and it worked for the first time in months. I was grateful.
If you are still having problems, make sure you have MSFS in full screen mode, open the special Thumbnail Capture Tool, select Desktop as your target, take a screenshot. If it doesnt take it and save it, then try it again. You will need to reset to ‘full screen’ (Alt-Enter) as it will revert to windows mode and be smaller then full size, so reset that. Then take another screenshot and use ‘windows Snip and Sketch’ tool (WIndows button+Print Screen button) and take a screenshot of the plane right as it appears for one second. If windows for Project Editor and Inspector are overlapping, try it again, or exit and re-try. It will eventually allow you a good screen-grab.

For me, its working again after many months. Very grateful.


I have the exact same problem. The tool initiates the screen capture, but then just hangs. It never finishes the process. The progress status remains stuck at 0%, the image file is locked up, as is the tool. The file size is zero KB.
My only option is to move the UI dialog box out of the way, take an external screen capture with an external program like AMD Adrenalin or Snagit, and then open the image in Photoshop to resize / reset the resolution to match other existing thumbnails. It’s a do-able work around, but not convenient or efficient. Also, as mentioned in other places, external screen capture tools don’t work with HDR10 enabled, which is a big deal for me. HDR10 is a must for enhanced image quality. All screen captures with HDR10 enabled results in the colors being totally washed out and the image is unusable.