Thurstmaster t16000m and twcs crashing msfs

Hi guys,

With the latest update, whenever i connect t16000m or twcs the sim would ctd during startup (after showing the usa content). No error. Got the ltest drivers (gpu, usb, thrustmaster). Reinstalled os…once any of those two is connected, it is a guaranteed crash. Once i disconnext it boots fine. 9900k no oc, rtx3080 no oc, 32gb 3200mhz, on nvme. Thanks for any tips!!!

I have the t16000m and the twcs and I am not experiencing any ctds. FWIW I have not updated any drivers, nvidia or thrustmaster.

Wish I could help you but no problems here so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Steam or store?

Steam version. You?

Store. I will try to reinstall the sim :+1: thanks!!

Not a clue what the problem is tbh.

Hope the reinstall process goes well :slightly_smiling_face:

All version of MSFS since release, will CTD when the “Thrustmaster “Top Gun” FF Joystick” is attached, – yet the joystick runs fine in FSX running on the same W10 machine… (must be a MSFS issue)

I’ve been using the t16000m and tcws for years (3 ???) but maybe I just used Windows 10 and not thrustmaster drivers. I can’t remember for sure but before you reinstall the sim maybe uninstall thrustmaster drivers and install t16000m/tcws with Win 10 drivers. I know this is a long shot and probably won’t help but it might be worth trying it and there is a remote off chance that it could save you hours of reinstallation ???


Edit: Okay, just seen the post above. Maybe you have the newer version. If so probably best to ignore my post :slightly_smiling_face:

A little update - i found a “fix” to this. When i wipe my local settings and the game tries to do a sync on the launch - i cancel the sync and force the game to start from a scratch. All works well. Once i do a sync i get ctd again. So looks like a corrupted settings file in the cloud. Any way to wipe my data in the cloud?