Tibesti volcanoes tour

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It seem this place has not been covered in the forum, so I create a topic on it, as it largely deserves it.

The Tibesti is a volcano group located north of Chad.
On Google Map you can easily see a grey area in the desert.

The place has five major volcanoes, with sub-craters and calderas.

Here’s a flight plan to make a nice tour of the volcanoes, and the interesting calderas.
The file of the flight plan is at the end of this post.

Let’s start. Take off from Zougra (FTTZ) and head south west to the first volcano, the Toussidé peak :

The Toussidé is quite impressive, with lava covering the surrounding desert sands.

Next to the volcano, there is a small caldera :

Heading east to the Tarso Koubeur, something that might be an old crater…

Ground details are quite accurate :

Head north, leaving the big caldera of the Tarso Yega:

A new volcano… the Tarso Toon. It is unusual as the crater middle is clearer as the slopes around :

On the way south to the Tarso Tieroko :

Heading south, I leave the Tarso Tieroko, to fly over desert sands :

The last but not least : Emi Koussi…

Seems I am not alone…

The I head southeast to a structure the looks like Richat’s structure, but smaller :

Here we are… should have flown higher on this one (I suggest 11000 fts)

The last part of the trip is less impressive… flat desert sands, although the sight is great :

Finally, landing at Faya-Largeau airport (FTTY)… no ILS !

I hope you enjoyed the flight, and you’ll fly it by yourself… here is the flight plan :

VFR Tibesti FTTZ to FTTY.pln (3.2 KB)


Very cool. Thank you. I live a few miles south of an active volcano in Washington. Mount Saint Helens looks pretty slick in FS 2020 as well but it’s not much of a flight compared to what you just laid out. :slight_smile:

Well, I have seen the real Mt St Helens… during an industrial training in Portland.
I intended to paraglide in the Toutle Valley during my stay there, but weather conditions were really too strong. I have brought back many pictures and the feeling that this volcano is really impressive… especially when you are in front of the crater opening.
The eruption must have been devastating !



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Nice find! Got any other interesting suggestions like this?

It depended on where you were how devastating it was. I was on the southwest side towards Vancouver. For us it was a giant pain in the rear with only a few inches of ash. But if you were on the east side…well, those folks got hammered with ash.

Paul Newman was going to race a special version of the 280 ZX that year at Portland. It had a V8. The race was cancelled because of the ash so I never got to see the car (or Newman) in person. Bummer :slight_smile:

Nice photos. I have a few I took a while back from the observatory back around 2000…maybe 2002 or so.


I will try to in the next future.
I have been flying upon other’s findings for a while. Now I try to find places by myself. I had bad luck in northern Russia a few days ago (nothing great to see, although it looked promising on Google Earth).

I think I will next try the Gobi desert to see if it is worth flying there.

If you like volcanoes, I may be able to do something for you in Chile… just give me a few days.

To be continued…

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Looks awesome, I’ll be swinging by there when I get back to Chad on my way up through Africa, currently working my way down.

My favorite desert sight-seeing so far was from Awbari to Amguid, I posted the flight plan here

It’s the middle part of one of the legs I did through Africa, many more pictures here

My jaw was pretty much on the floor for most of that flight, so much variation, it beat the eye of the Sahara for me.

It’s odd how much the detail varies across Africa. I’m currently in Ivory coast and it’s all very poor detail. There seems to be a band of high detail from the Eye of the Sahara and up, which is the same latitude Northern Chad is on.

I’m about 1/2 way through your flight. I’m using the 208.
Screen shot:

Very nice pics… I will definitely give it a try soon !

Great ! Really faster than the TBM, for sure…

Is this model fully working ? Coming from FSX ? I have seen it around in different posts… maybe only your posts, I didn’t pay attention :slight_smile:


It’s got a couple of small issues but fully working custom development.
This review sums it up well enough: https://youtu.be/1yhjxHK_MBM

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Here’s the next one :

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Very nice view,add some other pics.


For those who liked this flight plan, here is another one in Arabia :

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