Tie Exit to the battery switch

Can we tie Exit to the primary battery switch?

My question, (not being sarcastic) is why?
Just wondering!


Better as a wish list item. Here is just discussion about, unless that’s your intent?

Maybe as another option in settings would be better?
Exit never- Use escape to Main Menu.(avail. now)
Exit on mbat to Off.
Exit on Eng Shutdown.

A few options to exit would be nice. Everone’s wants/needs are different.
Bare in mind, you can’t please everyone :wink:

Exit on Eject/Bailout.
Exit on copilot unavailable.
(slept in, missed shuttle):rofl:

NO, I may want to shut down aircraft and then load another aircraft type. I don’t want to exit game just because I turned the battery to off.


You can disable it somewhere in the options. But it will start a “new flight” when shutting down, so, in your logbook you will have a flight from XXXX to XXXX with 0 flight time. At least on xBox you can’t delete entries…

So it does not close the flight in the middle of shutdown.
If you are following checklist it’s the last thing to turn off.

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It already does this for me. The last things I have left on are the Avionics, and Battery. If I flip either one the end of flight pop-up appears. If you turn on that new option to stop this, it still does it, but hides the pop up, and silently presses the “Continue” button for you creating an empty log if you don’t take off again.

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You do know that you can turn off the “feature” entirely since SU7, don’t you?

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Yes … I was trying to be helpful

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The logbook and exiting after parking and shutting down does not exist anymore for a few weeks now.
Thanks to simmers who wanted nothing more than having that immersive logbook removed which was showing up every time I switched off the alternators and the battery switch (and the next step will probably be having this cool immersive icing feature removed because of these endless “icing on airplanes is not real and does not exist and fog and humidity during wintertime does not freeze to surfaces like on windows cars planes slats” discussions… Tz even when I go for a ten minute walk on extremely foggy days I have ice crystals freezing to my hair! But icing does not exist when airplanes fly through winter clouds…)
Has Asobo ever thought of making stuff optional, with a menu on off function, instead of completely removing awesome things from the sim one after another with every patch?
Yes making things optional instead of removing would be beautyful.

The logbook and exiting after parking and shutting down does not exist anymore for a few weeks now.

It’s an option that you can turn on or off which was stated in a previous post.

This thread is apparently about tying the end of the flight thing to pop up when turning off the battery. Not possible as it’s not a key combination that initiates that. Using third party software you could probably tie escape to the battery off… but that’s 1000x more work than simply hitting escape when you’re done and exiting the flight.

At this point, as @ccrbc suggests, better off as a whishlist item.

Again not what this is about

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Removing the log book pop up when shutting down was probably the best thing Asobo have done since the release of this sim.


Except it creates empty logbook entries if you use it.

My logbook is already full of hundreds of nearly empty entries from graphics settings tests, test flights, addon testing etc… also part of it got deleted last year during a sim update… so I completely ignore it.

For flight logging purposes, I am using FSHub. It is a free online service that provides virtual pilot and airline flight tracking and performance monitoring. A ton of features including detailed flight logging, maps, automatic screenshot uploads, statistics, Electronic Flight Bag on a secondary device, reports and is exportable to spreadsheet/Excel. Highly recommended.


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“Immersive logbook” indeed, because in real life a screen pops up in front of your face pausing real life while you’re trying to shutdown. The logbook pop up was one of the stupidest things they did. No other sim ever had that nonsense.

As far as the icing goes, let’s take an example of driving in the winter. When you’re driving does your car/truck turn into a solid block of ice in 2 minutes? I didn’t think so. It doesn’t just happen when flying through clouds either, it happens on the ground as well. Your idea of “immersive” is quite the opposite to reality. Might as well add an option to get out of the plane and fight zombies for it to be more “immersive” too.

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Options are good but I definitely do not want that to be the default. I like to fly in crowded multiplayer areas - very often after I park and shut down, I use the showcase (Drone) camera to fly and look around the area and virtually plane-spot. And sometimes I start the plane back up and fly some more. I don’t want to be tossed back to a menu or given a logbook pop up to have to cancel out of, or worse, have to respawn in a parking place again from scratch with the time that takes.


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