Tiger's Erco 415 Ercoupe mod v1.2 released

Yeah decent price - I just don’t want to make an account there - got enough stores already!

I hear you, but if it’s a plane you really want…


I picked up the Ercoupe just for this mod. Steering on the ground with the yoke is trippy! Though I find it very sensitive - not sure how it is in the real thing.

Need some crosswind tips because taking off or landing with crosswind is puzzling for sure.

I also find it still floats forever down the runway, but I’m on 1.1, is there a link to 1.2 somewhere?

Thanks kengou1, there isn’t a 1.2 but if you’re having problems taxiing at less than 15kts please try downloading 1.1 again:

No problems taxiing really. Taking off using the yoke to stay straight in a crosswind often seems to lead to tipping up on a wing because I’m adding lift to the same side the wind is coming from when I turn the ailerons. This must be a real world problem too, not with your mod, so I wonder how they do it with the real thing. Seems tricky!

Yes it’s definitely a fair weather flyer - anything more than 10kts cross-wind is too much for the Ecoupe.



When I say, Ercoupe, you might think, “Funny-looking airplanes that seat two, have no rudder pedals, despite sporting twin rudders and are the butt of jokes by uppity Cub and Champ pilots, but golly-gee, are so darn cute I wish I flew one … without being seen doing so, of course.”

YARS June 30, 2019 At 5:25 pm

Nice piece. Instructors everywhere are wondering: when can we expect to read the sequel – “We don’t need no stinkin’ trim?”


A couple pages in here with instructions for crosswind takeoffs and landings. Limit is supposedly 25 knot crosswind, I was surprised by that. Somebody else said that it’s actually easier to control without the rudder pedal conversion than with… again surprising.


https://www.ercoupe.info/mobile/pmwiki.php/Main/ERCOManual has links to more manuals



Thank you so much! Some very fun and interesting reading.

Looks like the proper takeoff technique in a crosswind is to hold the nose down for better steering control, then decisively taking off at a higher airspeed. I will definitely have to try that.

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After some more circuits, takeoffs are working well in crosswinds. But landings are still tricky. The documents posted by @FlyingsCool5650 talk about landing with a crab and basically letting go of the yoke, letting the plane naturally point down the runway on its own. The sim version doesn’t do that, unless I’m still doing something wrong. It just points at an angle, and once the nose is down, starts rolling that direction, requiring some hard steering inputs and possibly tipping a wing. Maybe the wheel friction can be adjusted, or something?


The real Ercoupe’s have a castoring nose wheel but the sim version has a steerable nosewheel which I can’t change unfortunately.


I don’t know a lot about how this works, but would this be any sort of solution? I have used this change on several addon planes with success, but I don’t know how that affects tire physics on landing in a crab. Maybe I’ll try it out.

It doesn’t work that way on this model unfortunately, the nosewheel is still connected to the rudder axis and that’s what I can’t change. I’ve enabled the differential braking so that you can brake while turning the yoke to counter the crosswind tilting the wings.

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Now it makes sense why the rudder pedal “upgrade” on the Ercoupe negatively affects crosswind landing.

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Just saw an official update for this plane that includes most of the things this mod does, like rudder interlink. Coincidence?

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Could be… a very welcome update regardless.


Version 1.2 update:
Crosswind ground handling improved still further:
Crosswind up to 20 knots will not tilt the wings on the ground causing the wingtips to scrape.


Thank you for continuing to improve this!

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