Tiles not loading correctly since Caribbean update

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Please forgive me if ive posted this in the wrong place or shouldnt have posted this in general im new to forums… when in cockpit or external view i see the tiles loading in front of me one by one when i move the camera forward or am flying i can see it directly in front of me and is not the same as this post:Aerial ground tiles changing/popping in because this is happening for them either at the airports or directly under their A/C

im in SU15 Public Beta to see if that fixed it and no, this has never happened until now or at least since the world update and Caribbean is not affected by this as you can see from this flight over Cuba

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)

Everywhere i go apart from the Caribbean

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Every Flight no matter if community folder is empty

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Ryzen 5 7600x 32gb ddr5 rtx4070ti

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Moved to Sim Update 15 Beta

Any updates on the issue? I seem to experiencing this issue randomly and it is really annoying especially on absolutely any high altitude flight

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This happens for me flying over the uk

No update yet… still happening everywhere its got to be something to do with the Bing maps update

You might be onto something here by saying its random i flew yesterday after the small KB update and problem was gone 2/4/24 and today3/4/24 i started a flight and suprise its back and ive seen people saying its happening on certain days so my only thinking is its bings new map data over old data

But until someone takes a look at this and can give us some help or even acknowledge this issue we are stuck with it

I’m seeing the same issue on my side. Tiles are loading in a circular fashion (sides, forward, rear) with the aircraft.