Tilt Head, Better Anti Aliasing

Hi guys, I am just wondering how I can make my Rift S slightly off level. When I start up MSFS and sit on runway, if I tilt my head either left or right meaning it is not level most of the Jaggies go away. I really don’t understand how this would reduce AA but on my system it makes a lot of the jaggies either become very small jaggies or completely gone. If I could have the Rift just off slightly then when I put the headset on I would not have to do this janky act. It sounds stupid and it must be because I found nothing on the web about it, it must be me but I hope someone else has noticed this.


I’d suggest you read this first:
Moiré pattern - Wikipedia

Then think about the angular difference between the pixels in the image and the pixels in your headset panels…

Thanks CptLucky8 for that link. Wow, talk about beyond my pay grade. Very comprehensive reading. Its funny why I haven’t seen more posts about this, maybe I need to have a more wonky head.

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