TIME Basics

Just A thought. No evidence. Just probability. Many of the issues come back to TIME. The worst stories come from those furthest from UTC. Plus or Minus.
Download issues.
Live Weather issues.
Multi monitor issues.
In Australia the Microsoft Store kept emailing updates on my preorder. They couldn’t decide when the correct date was for release. Was it midnight the 17th or 12.00 am the 18th. What hope of we got?

I live in UTC+1 and was plagued with download issues, although I have to say Live Weather has been very reliable for me. Regarding multi monitor use, I pull the VFR map, ATC and camera controls out to a second screen, but that’s about it, and that has also proven to be reliable. One thing actually, the showcase views don’t work for me if I pull them out of the monitor the sim is running on.