Time Changes When I Begin Flight

I couldn’t find a thread on this issue elsewhere so here’s the problem.

Most of the time when I fly, I never use the current, live time. I’ll usually base my flights off of real world flights and thus I’ll set the time to whenever that real flight departs. However, lately every time I set the time when I’m setting up my flight plan, when the flight loads and I begin at the gate, the time is always different and never what I set it to be in the menu. It’s usually many hours off. For example, if it’s a daytime flight and I set my flight to depart at say 12:00 PM local, when the flight loads it will be night time or vice versa, again way off from what I set it to be.

So is this some sort of glitch that everyone else is also experiencing, because like I said I haven’t seen this issue posted on here before? If so, is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Are you entering UTC time? I have done this to myself a few times by entering local time by mistake instead of UTC (Zulu) time.

Are you doing your time through the “flight conditions” screen?
If not, try that.
Click on Custom, bottom left, and use the slider top right to set time.
Remember time there is in UTC (aka GMT).

I get this occasionally too and have found that if you adjust the time (I use the slider on the world map) and then change something afterwards it will reset the time once the flight loads. If you change the time last then it will be the time you selected when the flight loads. I’m working at the mo so can’t double check this.

I used to do it that way too.
Try as I mentioned above, you shouldn’t get that issue!